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Heritage Haven Farm Workshops

Welcome to Heritage Haven Farm Workshops!

Want a fun and informative experience for your group? Join us at Heritage Haven Farm for hands-on workshops on a variety of topics!


What you can expect: 

  • Workshop Dates: May through October

  • Workshop Length: Approximately one hour

  • Workshop Style: Varies by topic - lectures, presentations, displays, or walkabouts.

Workshops we offer:

  • MAY - Pressed flower Project - Create a beautiful pressed flower locket necklace. $15.00/person

  • JUNE - Note Card/Bookmark Project - Create a unique note card or bookmark using pressed flowers. $5.00/person

  • JULY - Stone Painting Project - Transform ordinary stones into works of art! $5.00/person

  • SEPTEMBER - Herbal Infusion Project - Make your own infused oil or vinegar for delicious cooking. $7.00/person

  • OCTOBER - Welcome Autumn Project - Craft autumn decorations from pinecones or make a colorful leaf candle holder. $5.00/person

Ready to Book or Have Questions?

We'd love to hear from you. Here's how to get in touch:

Let us know how we can help you plan a memorable workshop experience for your group! Please provide the provide the name of your organization and the number of people planning on attending.


About Your Workshop Presenters

Dave and Mary, your workshops hosts, are OSU Secrest Master Gardeners. They have a passion for sharing their knowledge and have presented to libraries, schools, groups, and garden clubs with great successs!

We Look forward to crafting with you! 

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